How about for what we call a "Kaffiskränzchen"?

Take a seat, relax and taste one of our great coffees, all our blends are freshly roasted,

every week!

Starting in upcoming March 2018, we will held several "Kaffiskränzchen" in and around Luxembourg, almost in different places, spontaneous and short termed.

This will give you the opportunity to meet us and new people, to know more about how and where we buy our certified Fairtrade and organic beans. Want to know how we select and compose our blends, who and how we roast the perfect beans, how we distribute ?

And of course to taste one or more of our coffees! Or let's just talk about the meaning of life ;-)

That means, let's do some socializing and networking in the 'old school' way...a come together of nice people small talking around a perfect cup of coffee!

How? When? Where?

Just follow us here, or visit our facebook page: atypical roude léiw.

You'll love it! Yeah!

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