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We are pleased to announce that is ready to take your orders for some out of our Roude Léiw Bounekaffi product range, especially our biodegradable and compostable Fairtrade and organic caps. All our caps are nespresso® machine compatible!

Without any aromas added and of course no aluminium! They are entirely produced with maize starch and 100% biodegradable natural materials and are absolutely heat resistant up to 90 ° celsius! Three blends for a perfact coffee pleasure:

BIO Roude Léiw Boune Kaffi - DUUSSE GROUSSEN (14 Caps) Fairtrade and organic coffee from Peru - 100% arabica.

BIO Rude Léiw Boune Kaffi - STAARKE KUERZEN (14 Caps) Fairtrade and organic coffee from Colombia - 100% Arabica

BIO Roude Léiw Bounekaffi - Espresso (14 Caps) Fairtrade and organic coffee from Central America and Africa - 100% Arabica

Just add them in your box and enjoy a great coffee experience with your healthy food!

Save time. Eat well.

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