Taste it or leave it! Kaffi Whisky...

This will be probably for the very first time you'll taste a perfect Irish Coffee without alcool! But with great aroma we get out from the mix of a perfect organic and Fairtrade certified bean, perfectly roasted and a great perfect 5 years old Malt Whisky distilled by Camille and Mariette Duhr from the Diedenacker Distillery in the lovely village Niederdonven near the Luxembourg Moselle river...

After maceration in the whisky, our grean beans are dried before going back in the maceration process ( a clearly defined percentage beans/whisky ) and are carefully roasted by Tim Doppler.

It is a really stunning experience you should not miss. This 2 times roasted blend is now available in our online shop. Don't miss it!

Not only for Irish coffee. This blend is a very nice espresso too!



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