Out of Stock! again... but we'll be back very shortly!

We've reached the amount of no less than 100000/month of our biodegradable and compostable caps in April and May. Since the production of our caps including the perfect roasting as well as the degazing time needed, the new badge of 100000 caps will be ready starting june 3rd again. The increasing demand as well as from our private customers and heavy online shoppers as the success we experience with our distribution partners, is quite overwhelming and put's us sometimes in a stressy position with the planning of our stock.

But we do work with very good and professional partners, who take care that the quality is and remains always our first target.

We all act perfectly together, what else?

And to make a maybe long time short, we'd decided to offer you a special discount for any order placed in our shop between may 22 and may 31 of -8%.

Take advantage of this special offer and make sure to get your caps (20 & 100 packs)!

Thank you for your support!


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