Coffee for cooking and grilling?

But not with just any kind of coffee…

What is it all about?

Let's see it step by step:

First there was a crazy idea by Will Kreutz and Tim Doppler

3 Blends, Organic & Fairtrade, 100% pure Arabica

3 locally sourced alcohol for the maceration of the beans Roasted by Tim Doppler

°Kaffi Quetsch with Caroline Adam-Van Langendonck (Kehlen)

°Kaffi Gin with OPYOS (Eppeldorf)

°Kaffi Whisky with Diedenacker (Niederdonven)

And of course with NO Alcohol but with all the great flavours remaining

after a smooth roasting by Tim

3 Spice Blends created and composed finally by Luc Hoffmann, great BBQ Master himself

And finally:

Testing and tasting on 12th and 17th 08 2020 at a Barbecue Session hosted by Domaine Henri Ruppert, in Schengen

On the menu:

1. Salmon with Roude Léiw Bounekaffi Gin

2. Rumsteak with Roude Léiw Bounekaffi Whisky

3. Deer back with Roude Léiw Bounekaffi Quetsch

Together with some friendly tasters

And...They loved it!

To be continued…

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