300 campaigns and 150 corporate identities, awarded with 85 national and international prizes?

It’s him. 

The “Goodbye Monopol” events, which paid tribute and promoted international street artists?

It’s him. 

The cult “Roude Léiw” beer bottles, brewed by the Brasserie Simon?

It’s him. 

The Ritzenhoff “Roude Léiw” beer flutes and “Gëlle Fra” champagne flutes?

It’s him. 


An acclaimed creative director and serial communicator in Luxembourg?

Will Kreutz - It’s him. 


After winning a “lifetime achievement” award, he decides to be the one

to make and break the rules; With “Atypical”, he chose upright partners for himself. He has no more restraints to his inspiration nor to his enthusiasm. 

His playing ground of predilection? High end consumer products that appeal to the public at large. 


A product range with a deep emotional connection to Luxembourg, making use of two strong and recognizable national symbols, the “Roude Léiw” and the “Gëlle Fra”. First with Crémant, then with coffee beans; both products being wrapped up in coherent and exceptional packaging designs, making

for a unique experience. What’s to be expected from him in the future?

Milk, chocolates, or outstanding wines… who knows?


Always reinventing himself and coming up with new ideas and original creations, but never copying existing concepts, his products are 100% authentic,

100% bliss. 

will kreutz-52.jpg